An Introduction to the Working of Modern Tool Steels

Written by Karl Schroen, the book was published by Knife World Publications, P.O. Box 3395, Knoxville, Tennessee, 37927. Currently out of print, a new edition is in the works.

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From the book cover:

The author, Karl Schroen, is a fourth generation blacksmith. His practical education in the art and craft began during childhood as he learned from his father and grandfather, just as they had learned before him. His studies at the University of California at Davis included chemistry and physics. The skills learned through years of experience have been combined with a thorough knowledge of metallurgy needed to work with both tool and stainless steel.

This book has evolved over many years of experimenting with a wide variety of knife steels. The techniques shown here are geared for the novice as well as for the advanced bladesmith. It's a book written for those who wish to use it as an instruction manual or as reference material to enhance their present knowledge on the subject. With practice and attention to detail, anyone who is seriously interested in forging a superior quality blade should realize good results.

The serious knife collector will also find this book an interesting addition to his reference library. Study of the book will enable the collector to evaluate and view a process that has been used throughout history in forging fine blades. Schroen has, for the first time, developed a single book on bladesmithing which covers the forging, hardening, and tempering of every category of tool and stainless steel used in modern bladesmithing.

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